Friday, March 10, 2006

Vision Money For More Downtown Lofts

Vision Watch 2025 money is getting a boost from private donors investing in downtown Tulsa.

The city of Tulsa pledged $10-million from the Vision plan to four downtown buildings, with almost half of it going into the Mayo Hotel. The plan is to kick off the construction of 70 loft apartments.

The owners plan to invest another $16-million in the Mayo. Macy Snyder with the Mayo Hotel: "There are windows that needs fixing, the elevators don't work, so without money for the elevators we wouldn't be able to do anything beyond the second floor."

Three of the four buildings are within a block of Main Street; the other is on the east side.

In all, the city says private investors will put almost $27-million into downtown housing, creating 166 apartments.

More Specifics can be found on the Vision 2025 web site.


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