Monday, February 27, 2006

Tulsa Transit Unveils New Trolley System Plan

Tulsa Transit Unveils New Trolley System Plan
From the good folks at KOTV
Tulsa Transit officials unveiled a plan for a new trolley system on Friday. It would involve what they call "rubber tire trolleys" - basically trolleys on wheels rather than a track.

The route hasn't been decided yet, but it would likely cover midtown and downtown - areas like Brookside and the Brady District. Tulsa Transit officals say the trolleys would also help the city compete with other cities for major events.

Tulsa Transit GM Bill Cartwright: "They have a trolley very similar to this in Oklahoma City and it's very popular. They're way ahead of us on this. We need to catch up."

The trolleys would come around every thirty minutes and would cost 50 cents to ride.

Tulsa Transit officials say the new system won't get off the ground, though, if local businesses don't help out financially.


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