Friday, August 19, 2005

Downtown Weekends - Overground 8

Keeping with the theme of special sections look for the new weekly feature... "Downtown Weekends." We'll keep you posted on the latest & greatest downtown activities.

This week we will kick off with the Tulsa Overground Film Festival! In it's eighth year, it lives on strong with a great weekend of film from local and national directors along with a great schedule of after-parties. Check the schedule on their web site.


Blogger TulsaRealtor said...

This isn't really a comment on this particular post, but more a comment on the blog itself.

Do not stop writing this blog.

You hear me?!


-A Young Tulsa Realtor Guy

4:07 PM PDT  
Blogger tulsa guy said...

No worries my friend! I'll be here. Just spread the word & keep the visitors coming!

10:41 PM PDT  

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