Thursday, March 17, 2005

Goodbye to Kitchell's Bar's

We'll many saw this coming, and alot of people have mixed feeling's about it, but it's finially happened. Steve Kitchell's bars are gonna be gone. Heres the story from

The man who runs the club in question in the Scott Bolton case faces more problems this morning. Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies plan to visit several of his clubs before the St. Patrick's Day celebrations can begin.

6 in the Morning reporter Omar Villafranca sheriff's deputies will show up to two downtown bars this morning to evict the owner. Court records show nightclub owner Steve Kitchell was served with the eviction paperwork on December 17th. He filed for bankruptcy two days later.

The landlord says Kitchell owes them more than $100,000 in rent. The News on 6 went by two of his downtown clubs early this morning. Both clubs looked empty and the doors were wide open. Kitchell has owned several bars in downtown that have changed names. Among them is Studio 310, which used to be known to customers as Studio 54. And there's the Baja Club formerly known as the Voodoo Room. The Voodoo Room is the club involved in the Scott Bolton case.

Steve Kitchell told the News on 6 back in December he was not closing any of his clubs.


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