Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sense and Disability - A city has to be accessible to all...

Our fellow blogger Michael Bates continues his rise to blog-super-stardom with his latest crossover project as a weekly columnist for Urban Tulsa. His first article focuses on "urban design, walkability, and what that means for Tulsans who, by reason of disability or age, cannot drive."

From Urban Tulsa
Urban design can be a dry topic, and the details of urban design--scale, setbacks, screening--can make your eyes glaze over, but it’s all about the shape of our city and how it shapes our everyday lives.

A few weeks ago, my wife spotted a man making his way down our street, sweeping a white cane in front of him. Like most Tulsa neighborhoods built since the 1920s, when the automobile came into common use, our mid-50s neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks, so this gentleman was in the street itself, close to the curb.
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